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Project Management Tools
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Zoho Projects | Project management software built for increased productivity

A Unified Ecosystem for Comprehensive Project Management

Navigating through Zoho Projects opens up a world where the list of third-party app integrations might seem concise, but when paired with the expansive Zoho software ecosystem, it unveils a suite of tools likely to cater to all your needs. Particularly appealing for emerging businesses, Zoho not only offers a myriad of apps to complete their tech stack but also ensures effortless integration. Moreover, with pricing typically below the industry average, Zoho Projects and its associated apps present an affordable option for businesses of every size.

While Zoho Projects does offer a free version of its PM software, it comes with limitations - allowing only up to two projects and three users per account, with restricted customization options and access only to basic reports. The Premium plan, at $4 per user per month (billed annually), unlocks the ability to create unlimited projects and provides up to 100GB of total storage, along with standard PM features like Gantt charts, custom views, and automated tasks. Opting for the Enterprise plan at $9 per user per month (annually billed) enhances your storage by an additional 20GB and offers further customization in fields, roles, and profiles.

Expect to find standard PM features like task management, subtasks, task dependencies, and time tracking, alongside built-in messaging for individual or group chats in Zoho Projects. The highest-paid plan also allows field customization, workflow rule settings, and provides resource usage reports across all projects.


Ideal For: Zoho Projects shines for small businesses seeking to integrate other Zoho apps, offering a particularly smooth experience for those starting out and desiring to remain within the Zoho ecosystem due to its seamless integrations.

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Asana - Manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online.

Elevating Team Collaboration in Project Management

Unlock a world of seamless team interaction and project management with Asana, a platform renowned for its extensive collaboration tools. While Asana empowers you to comment on tasks and projects, akin to many PM tools, it takes communication a step further by facilitating in-app chats for both individual and group conversations. Beyond enhancing your team’s communication, Asana provides diverse project views, including Kanban boards, calendars, and workload views, among others.

Opt for Asana’s free version, suitable for up to 15 people, and explore a range of features to adeptly manage projects. However, to access key features like task dependencies, timeline views, forms, milestones, a workflow builder, and unlimited dashboards, consider the Premium plan at $10.99 per user per month (annually billed). The Business plan, at $24.99 per user per month (annually billed), unlocks additional features like proofing, portfolio management, goals, and the ability to lock custom fields.

While Asana boasts a plethora of intrinsic features typical of PM software, it also offers hundreds of integrations, allowing you to link existing software and data seamlessly. In-built cross-team collaboration means no task duplication on separate boards. While Asana is user-friendly, initial learning may require a slight curve.


Ideal For: Asana is versatile for businesses of all sizes but finds its sweet spot with midsize companies that necessitate client or inter-departmental collaboration.

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Image | A new way of working

Tailoring Project Management to Every Team Size and Budget stands out as a versatile project management solution, ensuring that teams of all sizes and budgets can navigate their projects efficiently and effectively. Whether you're a duo working with a zero budget or a burgeoning team, has something special for you. Enjoy the platform for free as a small two-person team, or leverage advanced project-tracking, automation, and integrations for just $8 to $16 per team member per month (annually billed, with a minimum of three seats per plan) as your team expands.

Empowering Small Teams: For teams mindful of budget and incoming revenue, the free version of is a beacon of project management proficiency. Manage your projects with customizable boards, choosing from over 200 templates and unlimited docs, ensuring your team operates precisely how it wants to. With’s iOS and Android apps, your team can stay connected and productive, even on the move. Recognized as one of the top free project management apps, scales with your needs as your projects grow in complexity and team size.

Navigating Complex Projects with Ease: For those in growing or established teams, manage everything from straightforward projects to multifaceted ones with advanced integrations and features. Utilize tools that enhance communication, risk management, budget adherence, resource allocation, and project tracking through every stage, iteration, and timeline. Automation, like notifications for budget overruns or delays, keeps your team aligned with minimal extra effort. Visualize your project’s journey with Gantt charts, and integrate seamlessly with tools like Zoom, Slack, Salesforce, and Google Docs, ensuring smooth and intuitive collaboration across your team.


Who’s It For? is a prime choice for startups operating on tight budgets. With a free version and free trials available, users can explore and grow into more advanced tiers as their financial bandwidth expands.

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ClickUp™ | One app to replace them all

Explore Project Mastery with ClickUp

Dive into a world where Scrum and Agile methodologies become effortlessly manageable with ClickUp - your next-level project management tool. From startups enjoying the free plans to larger teams who opt for our premium offerings at $19 per member per month (billed annually), ClickUp caters to a diverse range of project needs.

A Powerhouse of Features: ClickUp is not just a project management app; it's a collaborative universe. Engage in real-time editing, utilize mentions, sync calendars, and establish roles and permissions with ease. Navigate through project tracking with checklists, timelines, and Kanban boards, and connect via over 1,000 integrations. Customize dashboards and explore advanced task management, making ClickUp a standout choice in the market.

Agile Scrum Excellence: ClickUp elevates your Agile Scrum processes, a methodology cherished by software developers and also adopted by sales and marketing teams. Facilitate the creation of customer-loved products by seamlessly incorporating feedback after each sprint, using task progress boards, assignments, and collaborative tools.


Who’s It For? With its robust features, ClickUp is the go-to for any team seeking advanced project management. It’s particularly beneficial for companies with Scrum Agile product development, marketing, or sales teams.

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